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Childrens Karate classes in Macclesfield

Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy's Karate Kids Dragons classes. Growing your child towards confidence, Fun fitness and friends, bully proofing and positive role models.


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Kickboxing classes in Macclesfield

Hit the pads, shape up, boost your confidence, enjoy yourself. Our most popular adult program. 


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Little Ninjas martial arts classes

Little Ninjas Karate Kids classes in Macclesfield for children 4-6 years who are ready for more. Confidence boosting, worthwhile, foundation stage activitiy.


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Tae-Kwon-Do classes Macclesfield

Taekwondo, making fitness an artform. Olympic sport and martial art embodying the martial heritage of of Korea.


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Macclesfield Korean Kickboxing Academy


The Macclesfield Korean Kickboxing Academy is a full time martial arts school.

We teach Korean Kickboxing, TaeKwonDo, Karate Kids, Self protection and fitness; martial arts classes to adults and children.

Our martial arts academy is a fun, family friendly way to get fit, boost your confidence, and be involved in something worthwhile. 

We teach martial arts classes to children from 4 years old and up in groups segregated by age and ability.

The Macclesfield Kickboxing academy is open six days a week with combinations of evening and weekend classes available in all age groups.

Our childrens martial arts programs run classes after school and weekends. Our adults martial arts fitness and kickboxing programs run evenings and weekends.

We offer you  a free trial, one on one, will give you your first uniform free when you join up, and discount our fees for family involvement.

Book your free, martial arts trial online here today.

Macclesfields first dedicated martial arts academy. 15 years in and still going, the Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy remains Macc's longest runnning full time martial arts school. 

Click the link above, take your free trial and see for yourself why. 

Courses at the Academy Meaningful fitness, from 4yrs and up

22 years in and counting

The Macclesfield Korean Kickboxing Academy opened our first full time studio, on brook Street, in July 2000, as Nev Palmers Black Belt academy. The club itself having started the year before. We changed to become the Macclesfield Korean Kickboxing Academy in 2006/7, more in line with Nev's feeling that it was not all about him, than from any sound business decision. 

The academy has grown consistently since its inception.  We have students in their teenage years who joined the academy at three and four years old. Proving we have track record of developing children from a young age (often pre school), to bring out the best of their abilities. The course keeps growing with them. 

We have our own full time martial arts studio or dojang; a long term commitment to the macclesfield area. Enjoying good relations with local schools and social groups. As studios go, we are now in our third martial arts school. Custom built for our needs, investing in the academy's future once more.

The academy and its instructors and its martial arts program is taught and overseeen by 5th degreee black belt Master Nev Palmer. With 37 years martial arts teaching training and competitive experience, the last 22 as a full time instructor, you know you are in safe hands.