Fitness and confidence

Fitness and confidence; the martial arts workout

Kickboxing-Fitness-macclesfield-martial-arts-classesSo you need a new way to motivate your workouts, kickboxing could be solution to your fitness goals, and with the added confidence that knowing a martial art can bring. 

Love the classes

Hit the pads, do the training and change the shape of your body; love the classes.

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Its a quality workout and no, you don't have to fight

Just turn up, join in and workout with your friends. There's no obligation to fight, but if you do want to, we have separate classes just for that.

Spoilt for choice, 5 adult classes a week

Of course you can make class, we have five adult classes each week. Evenings and weekends. So if you work shifts, lead a busy life, or just like to choose when you workout you can still find the right time for your classes. 

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We give you a free trial so see that the course is for you. All you need to do is call us on 01625 669959 for a quick chat, or click on this text and fill in the form to make a query online.or click on this text and fill in the form to make a query online.

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