Kickboxing classes for adult and teens in macclesfield

MACCLESFIELD-MARTIAL-ARTS-KICKBOXING-LADIES-WOMENSBe healthy and do something worthwhile. Our Korean-Kickboxing classes are fun do and simple to learn.

Kickboxing is a great way to meet new people, boost your confidence, and increase your fitness. Whatever your starting point.

Classes are five nights a week, Sunday through Thursday, in our Macclesfield Dojo.

It all starts with a phone call tel: 01625 669959 or for a free Kickboxing trial click here

Train smart with the Korean Kickboxing

Improving your fitness, classes are interval based fitness workouts. You learn a skill which builds over time.

The program is cycled over 12 and 24 weeks to provide continuous fitness benefits. Working your brain and your body; train smarter and see the benefits.

Hit the pads, you dont have to fight

Hit the pads, not the students, you don't have to fight. We have separate classes for that. However you train with us, you will learn to be an effective martial artist under the eyes of genuine experts, whislt having fun and getting fitter. 

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