Macclesfield Taekwondo Classes

macclesfield taekwondo-class-clubThe academy teaches Taekwondo classes in macclesfield, most nights in our family friendly club.

Taekwondo, the Korean Karate, Olympic sport is the martial art with a kick like no other. Tune your mind and body in a safe friendly environment. Taekwondo classes at the academy are part of our family martial arts program.

We start you off with a free Taekwondo trial, so call today on tel:07535188429

Tae-Kwon-Do is traditional martial art in that you will learn forms (patterns, poomse or kata), traditional line work, kicking, hand techniques, destruction and self protection from a strongly structured syllabus. 

We practice WTF (Olympic Taekwondo) and ITF style. Emphasis is on aerobic fitness, flexibility and toning.

Take a trial today or give us a call on tel:07535188429