Karate Kids 7-11yrs

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The Macclesfield Kicboxing Academy has a bespoke Kickboxing and martial arts course for children aged 7-11yrs; Karate-Kids.

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The Academys Karate-Kids programme is developed from elements of Taekwondo, Karate and modern Kickboxing

The Macclesfield Kickboxing academy has a proven track record of teaching, developing and motivating children from beginner to black belt.

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Safer, fitter, more confident children

We teach our Karate-kids the value of physical and emotional control, practice it in the academy, then provide our young kickboxers with the tools to exercise this control in the outside world, and all without the need to clench their fists.

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Our free trial is all about you and not just "join in at the back and sink or swim", we will give you up to an hour of personal tuition as a free trial to help you find your feet, to help you see that this is a good thing for your family.

Take a free trial at the Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy , and see how martial arts could change your life today.

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