Adult safety kit.


"Ill just man up, i dont need safety kit.."

Safety kit is about protecting others from you. Safety kit is about hygenic use of equipment. Safety kit is about providing learning enviroment without unnecessary bumps and bruises.

 Adult safety kit

Adult class safety kit is rather straight forwards. You need shin guards (not the cheap cloth ones), boxing gloves (10oz if you weigh less than 80kg, 14oz if you are heavier), a gumshield and a headguard. We also recommend you get groin protection and ladies are recommended to purchase chest protectors.

Gloves are a matter of personal taste. When treated right, they last a long time, even budget gloves. We understand if you would like to source designer gloves from elswhere. 

With regards to budget gloves, if you are not intending buying designer ones, then please get them from the academy shop. Cheap gloves from ebay are often not suitable for use.

Academy shop is linked here.  

We also do basic starter  kit bundles linked here

Just joined and need some stuff

Slightly better basic kit

Please scource your safety kit from the academy. It should be obvious why we ask this.

Our prices are reasonable, the kit is guarenteed to fit when it arrives and be exactly whats needed to join in with the classes.