discipline-karate-kidsYou cannot achieve goals of value without it. The three weeks following grading in September, we shall be theming the childrens classes with a focus on discipline.

This is one of the most common goals parents mention when asked why they wish their child to join the academy.

Challenges will be worked on in class and recorded, there are also challenges to be worked on before class, these too, will be recorded.

So help us help you.

Uniforms : summer is over. children should wear the full uniform. Black long sleeved dobok

Shoes : either martial arts shoes or gym pumps. Not trainers.

Belts : children are to turn up in their belts and have them tied on. if their belt comes off in class, they will be ejected until it is tied on again. Please do not send them back in without the belt.

Clean : clean hands, clean face, neat hair, long hair is to be tied back or held in place by bands.

Be on time : Send the right message. Be on time to class.

Its part of the grading structure

Discipline forms the basis for the first stripe on the belt testing program. Lets work to gether to give the right message, and set the right example.