Macclesfield Kickboxing Academy's Sat 14th December 2019. 

Macclesfield Karate kids tip testingAll students need to present a grading form filled in and paid for prior to the start of the test. Belt testing fees can be met online in our shop section, or at the academy on the day. Grading forms can be found at the academy.

Adults only, not testing ? attend as a sparring course seminar. fee for non grading is 10 payable on the day.

In line with our continuing assesment of the course, in the childrens progam, the event will be split by age, with students grouped to testing at different times. Please note all students of green belt or above in the 10-14 group should have their own sparring kit. Students without the same will not be permitted to test, or take part in the Sparring. Half green belts should have their own shin and armguards, but may borrow club body armour.

The adult sparring section is open to all adults members who wish to take part, and who have the correct safety kit. All adult students wishing to grade past blue belt must fight. The adult group all test together.

Please note we are not testing students who attend the little ninjas course. Grading times follow, please be aware if you normally attend say, the Korean Kickboxing 10-14 class but are 9yrs old, you would still test in the 10-14 yrs old group. IF YOU ARE 11+ AND TRAIN IN SOME ADULT CLASSES THEN YOU MUST ATTEND ADULT GRADING.

Karate Kids 7-9 and Korean Kickboxing course students 10-14 testing

Karate Kids 7-9yrs All. 1130-1230

Korean Kickboxing course 10-14yrs 1300-1400

Adult and Family class members
Technical and fitness 1500-1600

Sparring and contact drills 1600-1700


Some imploring follows... PLEASE arrive on time Please wear your full uniform (cleaned and ironed) Karate kids must wear their pumps or will not be allowed to test. Please do not be too upset if we run on a few minutes Safety gear is essential. Please wear it You will need a gumshield if you are attending the adult section Please take pictures and blog about it please come in and watch.