Patterns / forms at the academy.

pattern taekwondo macclesfield

Here a pattern or form is a series of moves expressing a fundamental set of principles. 

Forms are of great use for study reflection and insight, and at the same time completely useless.

Its good to have a form to return to, without which, we can lose our way as we learn, aquire and discard.

We currently work from the pattern palgwe one in the childrens beginners class, and palgwes 1,2,3,4 and 6 in the intermediate advanced class. In the adult classes we work from all forms based upon the grade of the student alone.

When you perform a pattern you walk a path on the floor in part of the shape of the Iching pictured left. This was intended as a nod in part to the cultural heritage of Korea.

Patterns require you to take ownership of your learning. They must be thought about and practised outside of class.

The forms detailed below are performed by grand master Park. We differ on points of finesse which will be covered in class. These videos are a good guide; you wont go far wrong working through them.

palgwe 1

Palgwe 2

Palgwe 3

Palgwe 4

Palgwe 6

The above names of the forms are linked to youtube pop ups. We have taken the time to find the right videos to be of use. You are cautioned against bouncing about the internet to find other ones.

There are three main series of patterns for taekwondo which you will come across on the web. Taeguks or tags, palgwes and tul, with the addition of the term poomsae or poomse. We at the academy use the Palgwe series for kup grades and WTF poomse for dan grades.